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"This was the first time I remember reading a book by this author. I thought it was well written and once I started reading, I didn't want to stop. I stayed up past 5 am two nights in a row because i couldn't put it down. I just purchased book one of this series but will wait until tonight to start reading." amazon reader

"Across a Dark Highland Shore, by Kelly Jameson, is an excellent read. Book 2 in Jameson's Hot Highlands Romance Series features wonderful characters, magical settings, and true-to-the-time-period dialogue that is music to the mind. Isobel is a strong, kindhearted, lovely, young servant whose misunderstood gifts of healing and seeing visions cause her clan to brand her as a witch. They arrange her death at the stake, and as the flames leap closer, one of her visions comes true. A handsome man on horseback rides in to rescue her. Driven by a dream of his own, Leith takes Isobel to his clan's keep. As leader, he hopes to make use of her visions for the good of his clan. He also wants her to help him win the hand of Lady Katherine, with whom a marriage could bring about a much needed peace and end years of wars between his and Lady Katherine's clans.

Isobel is not happy living in a rival clan's keep, yet she owes Leith for saving her life. She makes the best of her new life even though many in her new clan see her as an enemy. During her stay she learns that the deaths of Leith's loved ones were not accidents. Leith and Isobel find themselves in the midst of a dangerous game where the prize is clan leadership. It becomes hard for them to determine friends from foes.

Packed with romance, adventure, mystery, and mayhem, Across a Dark Highland Shore by Kelly Jameson is a well-written book that leaves the door open for another book in this series. By the way, you may want to read Book 1, Spellbound, first. Both books are highly entertaining and hard to put down." amazon reader

"I loved this book. It is very well written and contains no boring parts. Love, romance, and hope come alive in this story." amazon reader

"I loved this story. I fell in love with the heroine right away. She never wanted for anything except maybe love. But even then she really never looked for it. The hero is how I like them. Strong,handsome, and believed in the heroine even when she didn't herself. Loved this and I definitely recommend it to read!" amazon reader

SPELLBOUND (Hot Highlands Romance Book #1)

"An unforgettable highland warrior seeking revenge, an innocent maiden brave enough to confront him. Spellbound is a terrific novel filled with passion, intrigue, vengeance, and all-consuming love. Readers will clamor for a sequel." Kat Martin, New York Times best-selling author with over 13 million books in print


Kat Martin, New York Times best-selling author with over 11 million books in print, says DEAD ON is "Brilliant. A chilling erotic suspense that will send shivers down your spine. A sensuous, gripping tale of murder through the ages." 

"Dead On is a stunning first novel that blends ghostly happenings, romance, eroticism, time travel and intrigue into a genuine page-turner. The Ann Yang character (Bucks County, PA medical examiner) is particularly well-drawn, and the story builds nicely to a satisfying conclusion. I highly recommend it." Jonathan Maberry, author of Patient Zero, Extinction Machine, Rot & Ruin

“Kelly Jameson is a truthful, passionate writer and Dead On is an elegant and powerful thriller.” Christian Bauman, author of The Ice Beneath You

The book is a must-read for anybody who appreciates a good mystery and savors skillful use of the language.” Ira Josephs, Philadelphia Inquirer

"An exciting thriller that shows Kelly Jameson knows both her subject and her audience." Walter Brasch, Journalist/Author, America's Unpatriotic Acts

“Plenty of surprises here … enough to stir the blood and make the reader’s pulse race in anticipation of the next. Definitely recommended, and with a shock of an ending that does the tale justice.…” New Mystery Magazine
“Terrifying, erotic, suspenseful, and lavishly told with a genre-crossing literary style. Dead On will thrill, tease, and disturb you into reading more.” David Tortorelli, Editor, Author Insider

“A fun read with an intriguing cast of characters … something different and interesting.”

“She keeps the reader riveted, their minds racing; continually second guessing themselves in a delicious tension that is almost palpable enough to eat with the mouth.… Her descriptions just about burn the page with action.…” Lee Gooden, New York playwright and OALA Reviewer

“Edgy but believable with sharply defined characters, Dead On by Kelly Jameson is a terrific book. Kelly is an author to watch in the crime genre.” Suzanne Jacob, Mysterious Women Newsletter


"Sizzling with sexual tension, filled with passion, an old-fashioned romance. Fast-paced and fun to read." Kat Martin, New York Times best-selling author with over 11 million books in print


Best-selling crime noir author Ken Bruen (LONDON BOULEVARD, ONCE WERE COPS) calls Kelly Jameson's psychological suspense SHARDS OF SUMMER, "The Great Gatsby for the beach generation."


"WHAT REMAINED OF KATRINA becomes a powerful story of the city's underclass, the one seldom reported by the media, the one seldom visited by tourists. This is Jameson's third novel, and may be the best one yet." Walter Brasch, Journalist/Author, Before the First Snow: Stories from the Revolution

"I won this book in a First Reads Giveaway. (Note: I hate having to censor my swearing here because I want to cuss like a sailor out of love of this book but I do it to keep in line with Amazon reviewing guidelines.)

This book is amazing, absolutely amazing. I f-ing love it and recommend it to everyone. It doesn't matter that I think reincarnation is false. I was hooked by page 6 when Katrina herself brings up how everyone only remember past lives of famous people. Writing in the second person perspective was unexpected, bold, daring and holy hell, did it work like a charm here. Katrina, this Katrina, might not have worked in any other perspective. She's judgmental, crass, vile artist, who may be off her rocker but putting her in "you" is brilliant. I really felt and understood Katrina, like I was her, or like me when I was her in a past life. I loved it. I didn't want to stop reading. I didn't see the end coming at all. Just enjoying the read so much, laughing several times, cringing, swearing, painful and getting teary eyed. Then end came before I knew it and I started crying. I hardly ever cry from books but this one hit me hard where it hurts. It got to me, became a part of me and I was crying for Katrina, for us all.

This is so beautifully written too. Not in the classical sense of fair weather, people who look like Greek god and landscapes out of a picture book. No, no. this is realistic, true to form, nitty gritty every day after s*** hits the fan beauty. My book copy is littered with sticky notes and highlights for wonderful turns of phraes, moments, and information. There's moments of heart wrenching pain, disgusting, haunting, terrible moments that show the worst of humanity. It's emotional, irrational, magical and inspiring. Katrina is an artist and Kelly Jameson did her justice by sticking to the truth no one wants to know and painting it as a true artist would. 

This isn't the Mardi Gras, Bourbon Street everyone loves New Orleans. this is the reality of everyday, living flat broke in the Ninth Ward after Katrina New Orleans. Something people don't want to see, don't want to think abou what goes on around one of their favorite fun towns when the party is over. Like the slums around Las Vegas tourist spots, where all the poor, disillusioned servic epeople live to make the magic of Las Vegas work." amazon reader

"Having been burned by too many overpriced mainstream novels, I am constantly on the prowl for inexpensive but well-written independent or self-published ebooks. This past week I have read "What Remained of Katrina: a Novel of New Orleans" by Kelly Jameson. What most attracted me to this book was not its price, but its title (I will be traveling to New Orleans this fall) and the beautifully pensive face on its cover. What kept me reading was the unique voice of its unforgettable central character and narrator, Katrina Lalande.

The premise of the story is familiar enough. A woman who is believed dead returns to wreak some kind of vengeance on the husband who tried to kill her and succeeded in killing her lover. I know, you've read or see countless versions of this ancient set-up. But do not let this dissuade you from reading! It is not the plot points that are compelling here; the joys of this book are in the details. Just as Katrina Lalande fills the ruined walls and walkways of her damaged city with her wondrous murals, Jameson recreates the sights, sounds, and smells of post-Katrina New Orleans. And the climax of the story does not come with a revelatory twist so much as a heart-breaking focus on the events that we have already learned.

"What Remained of Katrina" is told in the rarely used second person point of view, which I confess took me a while to get used to, but ultimately it worked to emphasis Katrina's wounded soul and her struggle to unite her two selves, that other self being Vincent van Gogh. Yep, you read right! Katrina sees herself – possibly real, possibly not – as the reincarnation of that great Expressionist artist who cut off his ear and eventually ended his own life with a gunshot to the gut, an incident that the author suggests may not have been a suicide, after all. Katrina herself removes a part of her own body, but she ends up with an entirely different --- let's say -- perspective. We learn a lot about van Gogh, as well as Paul Gauguin, in this book, enough to want me to re-read van Gogh's glorious letters, but I mostly enjoy how these two troubled personas merged to produce a totally original and compelling writing style, combining poetic grace with slaggy elegance.

I was absolutely transfixed and transported by this great New Orleans novel. I place this on the top shelf of my virtual bookcase. It should appeal to a very wide audience. In a more perfect world, it would shoot to the top of the New York Times Bestseller list. And it is shocking to me that the mainstream publishers have not scooped this up.
Amazon readers, don't make the same mistake!" amazon reader


"Jameson's prose is raw, cut-to-the-chase and knife-at-the-jugular. I especially like monkey stories, and she has a doozy of a monkey story in this collection. But that's not all. The collection is loaded with interesting characters who raise personal debasement and self-deprecation to an art form, and yet we smile all the way through it because the writing is so powerful. These people are flawed, and we get to see 'em at their worst. Caution: Leave one's inhibitions on the doorstep when reading these rich, flavorful offerings. Not for the faint of heart." C. G. Bauer, author of Scars on the Face of God