Kelly Jameson

Provocative Fiction


DESPERATE, DISTURBED, DERANGED, & DOUBLE-LATTED lives up to its name. Jameson presents a collection of short stories united by themes of loneliness, dead-end jobs, desperation, unusual erotic encounters, and a need for real connection in a deranged world. 


You'll read about a bear that trains a man; a man who believes that whenever he leaves his apartment, his stuffed monkey runs around shouting obscenities about him and drinking all his beer; a failed Hollywood special effects makeup artist who makes a deal with zombies to off his nagging wife in exchange for keeping the zombies looking good as they decay; a cross-dressing trucker driver who hauls medical waste and makes odd sculptures from body parts; a man who quits his job at a Gummy Bear factory only to be bitten by a real bear at a highway rest stop; an unemployed man who gets sucked into a haunted painting in a bar to discover his past life as an American soldier in WWI. Lots of swearing, colorful and raw characters, unusual use of language, and nuggets of unexpected humanity. If you're feeling stuck, for whatever reason, read this collection. It's better than Ex-Lax.

For many years, I was afraid to try my hand at short stories. I thought, how could I possibly say all I wanted to say in such little space? But then I tried it. And then I tried it again. And I found I really liked it. It's a way to experiment and keep your writing skills fresh while entertaining readers. And yourself. I found that my short stories were getting published, so I put them all together into one collection. I think my personal favorite is the monkey story, A Rude Little Monkey. 

I think it's best if I don't place an excerpt here due to the fact that it might blow up your computer if I did so. There's a lot of swearing and adult content. Not for the faint of heart. Dive in if you want something different...and want to read about characters who take self-deprecation to new levels.



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