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Dead On by Kelly Jameson

Cover model/singer Alison Lorraine, paperback cover of DEAD ON

A medical examiner is chased through time by the same killer.

While writing DEAD ON and developing the main character of Ann Yang, the medical examiner, I read a lot of forensics and true crime books. And I interviewed a past-life regressionist because in the story, Ann uses not only all of her considerable forensic skills battling wits with a serial killer but also undergoes hypnosis. She remembers past lives and dream-like incidents that help her solve the crimes in the present day. The past-life regressionist did a reading of me during my research and told me in past lives I'd spent a lot of time on English soil and was imprisoned for speaking up. It was really fun writing DEAD ON, my first novel, and connecting with all the people who read it and were surprised by the twists in the book and the ending. DEAD ON was named Runner-Up in the Los Angeles Do It Yourself (DIY) Book Festival.

Alison Lorraine, a model/singer/songwriter, graces the cover of the paperback version.


April, 1902

I’ve been smoking since I was fifteen; my father doesn’t care. Not every day, because I think it’s a disgusting habit, but selectively. More than anything, I just like the sound of the match striking into flame, the tip of the cigarette glowing angry red. We are both sixteen and go to the same school. People watch her all the time; I drift in and out of the classrooms and hallways like a shapeless shadow. I scratch my letters out and add my sums and find it all so engineered.

There has been nothing in this place for me—until now.

It started to rain harder and her friends scattered to the safety and warmth of their gingerbread homes like pins coming loose from thick hair. I stood in the rain, smoking and staring at her. Slowly, she crossed the street, attracted by the bright glow of the cigarette.

“Hi, I’m Nell.”

I looked at her clothes, the snow-white pearls clasped delicately about her neck, her smooth skin. She was tall and slender, her waist cinched in beneath a pleated pale blue skirt with a single ruffle at the hem. She wore a matching tailored blouse and expensive shoes with dainty buttons on the sides. She looked around furtively, then at my cigarette. “May I?”

I nodded my head and watched, fascinated, as her pink lips closed around the cigarette, trying to coax the smoke into her rebellious, virginal lungs. She coughed, daintily covering her mouth and handing back the cigarette.

“I’ve seen you in school. Are you going to tell me your name?”

I did. We walked along the street for a while, both of us silent but somehow knowing that by breathing the same air, we had changed something. We started a friendship that day. I think she knew from the very beginning that I would understand things about her that her rich and polite friends never would. I want her all to myself. She is cool composure while I am vapid, milk-and-water trying to be wine. I wonder if she knows I watch her all the time.





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What People Say About DEAD ON

Kat Martin, New York Times best-selling author with over 11 million books in print, says DEAD ON is "Brilliant. A chilling erotic suspense that will send shivers down your spine. A sensuous, gripping tale of murder through the ages." 

"Dead On is a stunning first novel that blends ghostly happenings, romance, eroticism, time travel and intrigue into a genuine page-turner. The Ann Yang character (Bucks County, PA medical examiner) is particularly well-drawn, and the story builds nicely to a satisfying conclusion. I highly recommend it." Jonathan Maberry, author of Patient Zero, Extinction Machine, Rot & Ruin