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DON'T SAY HER NAME available December 21, 2015!

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DON'T SAY HER NAME is new contemporary suspense from Kelly Jameson, best-selling author of the historical romances SPELLBOUND and ACROSS A DARK HIGHLAND SHORE. 
When Broadway star Alice Josephs thinks she sees her twin sister in the audience during one of her performances, she begins to question her sanity. Lessa disappeared twenty years ago in the woods near their Hudson River Valley home, and the crime was never solved. As handsome, Emmy Award-winning crime writer Nial Reynolds investigates the cold case, Alice becomes the target of a sadistic stalker obsessed with her beauty and fame. She begins to receive threatening letters, and odd items from her childhood resurface in her Tarrytown home. Her stalker seems to know things about her past that no one should know, including the fact that whenever young Alice spoke Lessa’s name after the tragedy, her mother would scold, “Don’t say her name, Alice.” As Nial digs deeper into the Josephs' past, the spotlight makes her stalker bold. Could a dark family secret be tied to the present, and is Alice the next victim? Is her stalker waiting in the darkness, coiled and ready to strike?


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