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I think I need to live to be 500 to write all the books I want to write. I recently informally polled readers for suggestions about where to set my next historical romance novel. Lots of good ideas...Ellis Island, the future, Paris, Egypt, Alaska...but right now the Wild West is calling and I just can't ignore it. I chose the year 1850, two years after the US-Mexican war ended, and Texas and the Western Frontier. I'm already 70 pages into the story so there's no going back now. The saddlebags are packed and the dusty trail awaits...

He is not the law; he is not an outlaw. The Falcon is somewhere between and he operates on his own terms. A fast gun who hunts down and delivers justice where others have failed has promised to escort his best friend's new fiancee across the Texas plains to The Four Winds ranch. His best friend was blinded during the US-Mexican war while saving The Falcon's life and can't make the trip himself. Owing a debt to his friend, The Falcon wants to get his debt paid as quickly as possible because he is tracking the most dangerous prey of all...the man who killed his mother...and he is very close to catching up with him. The Falcon doesn't count on a woman like Corinna Bradford, a fiery tempered beauty from St. Louis who is nothing like he imagined and who doesn't take orders well, even from one of the most feared men on the Texas plains. He's surprised by her brave, adventurous spirit...and even more surprised to find he's falling in love with the hellion who's promised to someone else.


Things are going to get hot on the Texas plains in my next erotic historical romance, tentatively titled "The Falcon's Prize."   


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