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Hi!  I will be blogging and tagging more authors.  Feel free to comment on my blogs. I love getting feedback from everyone.


"What a Terrific Book!"

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THE FALCON'S PRIZE "What a terrific book! Falcon’s Prize has everything a reader could want. A bold, tough, deadly outlaw and a woman strong enough to tame him. A real page turner. You won’t stop reading this one!” Kat Martin, best-selling author with over 13 million books in print

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A group of readers and authors of medieval romance novels. Join the fun! Various author Q&A online events, usually on Fridays...

DON'T SAY HER NAME available December 21, 2015!

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New contemporary suspense novel from Kelly Jameson, best-selling author of the historical Scottish romances SPELLBOUND and ACROSS A DARK HIGHLAND SHORE, which have been read in 12 countries!

A note about titles

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Book #2 in my Hot Highlands Romance series was originally titled CHARMED when I was writing it. When I published it, I changed to the title to better fit the book: ACROSS A DARK HIGHLAND SHORE.

Across a Dark Highland Shore, Book #2, now available!

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The sequel to SPELLBOUND, Book #1 in the highland romance series, is now available as an ebook at

My new YA novel HOLLOW GODS now available!

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Get Book #1 in the series! On his 17th birthday, Thunder discovers his parents aren’t really his parents at all – in fact they’re not even real people but automatons tasked with his care by his true father – the mad, time-traveling geneticist, Dr. M. T. Hart. And he’s not the heartless Dr. Hart’s only child – he also has "siblings". A family of hollow gods with incredible yet flawed powers created by Hart from a genetic jumble of geniuses, mystics, and saints from the past. In his mad desire to create the perfect being, Hart throws his creations into The Sequencing. Lose the game and you may be wiped clean – stripped of your powers and your mind. Or worse, decommissioned and your genetic material recycled for the next batch of hollow gods. Win the game and you get to keep your powers, keep your mind (maybe), and keep playing. For the current Sequencing, the contestants need to use their unique abilities to track down a modern Jack the Ripper in London. While his competition has amazing powers, Thunder seems armed only with his wits. Will that be enough for him to survive The Sequencing? Does he even want to win knowing that doing so could mean the end of the others and their unique gifts?

Update on sequel to SPELLBOUND (Hot Highland Romance)

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Some readers have been asking when my sequel to my Scottish romance SPELLBOUND will be available. I'm working away and have maybe one quarter of the book left to write. I promise it will be steamy--sparks are flying. I'm using the working title ACROSS A DARK HIGHLAND SHORE for the sequel. Readers will be introduced to the handsome, fierce Highlander Leith Maclean and the strong-willed, winsome blonde who captures his heart, Isobel MacKinnon. I will post the book release date shortly. Thanks for your interest!

vote for my new novel HOLLOW GODS

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Now through Jan. 2, vote for HOLLOW GODS (my pen name is River James). The more votes it gets, the better chance it will be published by Kindle Press. Also, EVERYBODY who nominates it gets a free ebook if published, 1 week before it's released. Vote here. click "Nominate Me." Thanks!

Goodreads reviews of SPELLBOUND

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Check out the reviews of my Highlands romance SPELLBOUND.


One goodreader who gave it 5 stars says:

"I was pleasantly surprised by this book, which I found as a free read on Amazon. It encompasses all that is good about historical, Highlander romance."




Read more SPELLBOUND, including an excerpt, at:



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